To Synergize the evolution of Humanity towards achieving better harmony with nature, with respect to Universal laws.


It is AAP’s mission to help improve the quality of life of all citizens of Pakistan through participatory enterprise empowerment, research and development initiatives, promotion and adoption of best practices, capacity building, creating mutually beneficial partnerships and strategizing sustainable, innovative and replicable community enabling projects.


It is AAP’s objective to work with strategic partners for community uplift projects, linked to their core businesses. We undertake projects which are sustainable, deliver lasting benefits and are self-supporting when our participation ends. All projects build up local support, have a measurable positive impact and meet the requirement of establishing “Community Enterprise Empowerment” utilizing the following key project principles:

  • Economic Opportunity:  To create jobs within communities and to foster entrepreneurial initiatives, small business expansion, and training opportunities for work which offer upward mobility for all residents, using the Value Chain Development concept.
  • Sustainable Community Development:  To create livable and vibrant communities that coordinate efforts to improve economic resources, physical structures, environmental systems, a community's capacity to work together, and citizens' knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Community-Based Partnerships:  To link all segments of the community and places within the region, including community groups, local associations and regional organizations to health and service groups, clubs, environmental concerns, organizations, private and not for profit sectors, centres of learning, and citizens in collaborative efforts and in partnership with local and state government.
  • Strategic Vision for Change:  To identify long and short term goals, priorities, and strategic activities tailored to the unique strengths and characteristics of each community, within a framework of a fair and open process.