• Sustained growth and poverty reduction through environmental development
  • Effective design and implementation of projects, programs and capacity development initiatives related to sustained environmental development and management systems, independently, or in collaboration with various partner organizations, the Government and key agencies.
  • Create awareness about, and to more firmly embed, environmental concerns into all aspects of the ordinary citizen’s life and attitude towards contributing to national environmental objectives
  • To help the Pakistani economy, one citizen at a time, step out of the cycle of ‘Ecological Poverty’: A heavy dependence on natural resources without thought for future growth, results in environmental degradation)
  • Assisting in the development of self-sustaining ‘Green Communities’, grounded in ethical practices,  tenets of Decent Work principles and a framework of sustainable compliance.
  • Assist the government as well as indigenous communities in their eco-rehabilitative efforts, whereby we would endeavour to rebuild the community’s infrastructure and social structure through a Green Lifestyle and Green Livelihood approach, with a focus on gender inclusion and empowerment in all its work areas.
  • Become an expert implementation partner for the various entities coming under the purview of the macro-economic development policies operational in Pakistan, such as Vision 2030 and Medium-Term Development Framework 2005-2010.
  • Facilitate “Access to basic sanitation and safe water for all”. This will directly help achieve MDG 7, as set forth in the Millennium Development Goals 
  • Implement a concise, built-in monitoring and evaluation framework at every organizational/project level.



a. Developing a global level Executive framework for Agri-business development for OIC countries

  • Funded by IDB/ICCI
  • First phase started in Uganda
  • Forum and workshop held for OIC member states in Kampala, Uganda, 2011

b. IFRC  Project on Entrepreneur Development, KPK, Pakistan

  • In Collaboration with Business Support Fund Pakistan
  • Training 1200 Beneficiaries in Districts Kohistan and Shangla
  • Providing Entrepreneurship development skills training and financing thru IFRC to help start micro enterprise in flood affected areas

c. A Community Uplift project for an Industry-based residential community in Northern Punjab. This project involves:

  • Environment education and awareness, projects-based add-on component for 5 schools at the Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels.
  • Green Livelihood Development with a focus on Women and the community through Sustainable farming approach, involving Earth Friendly Farming Practices for vegetable farming, minor crops, dairy and poultry farming and product development, instilling the concept of ‘Food Security’.
  • Awareness about the Environment and related matters through use of multi-media like TV/Radio/Theatre, etc.